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SADRE PARS Management Company has been established in 2010 as an international holding and investment group.

It commenced its operations in a wide variety of business fields and by managing some subsidiary companies. Although it is a midsize public joint stock holding company owned by private individuals, soon it could enter a new phase of sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. Indeed, active shareholder and investor, and its portfolio envelop a broad variety of sectors including real estate, financial services, and oil and gas. SADRE PARS has actually been an investing company that invests mostly in equities, and is an outright owner of many assets.

Areas of Activities

Financial area
Creating an appropriate atmosphere to facilitate the guidance of monetary and foreign capital to profitable projects with the aim of gaining profit from other activities is the SADRE PARS high priority.
Industrial area
SADRE PARS management group employed a novel method in investments in the field of industry by relying on its managers and experts` experience and knowledge
Construction & infrastructure area
Sadre Pars has a dedicated team for infrastructure, construction participation in the production, industrial, residential, unfinished projects and construction operations.

Sadrepars Companies & Activities

Key People

Hossein A.Tabrizi
Seyyed Afzal Mousavi
Hossein Moghadam
Babak Jahanara
Ali Eslami Bidgoli
Saeed Eslami Bidgoli
Ali Rastegar
Seyyed Amir Safavi


Investment advisory and partnerships with individuals and institutions to participate in profitable industrial projects, utility projects and service.
Investment advisory to individuals and institutions to invest in domestic and foreign financial markets.
Investment advisory about purchasing securities of other companies, including banks and financial institution, credit and brokerage.
Design and implementation of industrial projects.
Design and supply new financial instruments for financing industrial projects.

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